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Partnerships & Collaboration in Real Estate

It’s true that digital marketing has drastically transformed the face of traditional real estate, and most definitely for the better. More than ever before, pertinent information is readily available, shareable, and comparable for whomever may need to know. Gone are the days when a realtor was the only one with the keys to identify a savvy purchase, an accurate market analysis or whether a buyer was vastly overpaying. In my opinion, contemporary real estate is professional, intelligent and laudably transparent- exactly as it should be.

Curiously, despite this digital potpourri of relative enlightenment, buyers and sellers alike are choosing to align with realtors more frequently than ever before. As much as it appears counter-intuitive, this phenomenon is a solid indication of our ever-evolving mindset. Collectively, we prefer to outsource big-ticket events to the professionals, rather than naively muddle along ourselves. This is true of why we employ accountants, lawyers, contractors, plumbers, and virtually any other profession which streamlines our lives. We really do need a team to walk beside us through our book of life, and real estate should be no different.

The industry as a whole has become so much more than installing a sign on your lawn and an ad in the relatively obsolete local paper. Your realtor needs to be savvy with social media marketing which includes everything from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Buyers are traveling farther afield to find homes that suit both their budgets and their lifestyles. Casting a vast digital net to catch the minnows you never expected is a huge part of what we should be doing to maximize your homes’ potential from a selling perspective. This is especially true as we experience the influx of families to Fergus and Elora from Milton, Georgetown, Mississauga, Waterloo, Guelph, and even Toronto. Lot sizes, square footage, charm, community, green space, and unabashed local friendliness are what initially attracts these buyers and entices them to stay.

Centre Wellington is vibrant, glorious and growing. We boast 60 foot lots and resources are being pumped into infrastructure, manufacturing, and local amenities. We even have high-speed internet (recently asked by a city slicker – I kid you not!). New eateries are opening, new programmes are emerging, new schools, new healthcare facilities, new bridges, new developments, new roads and yes, a new cohort of professionals who understand this changing landscape and are passionate ambassadors for modern real estate done effectively and authentically, with your best interest at heart.

Sooooo, you have plans to leverage the traditionally buoyant Spring market and sell your home in Fergus or Elora? How on earth do you go about separating the real estate wheat from the chaff in order to fling that buyer net as far as possible? How much of your hard-earned money will you leave on the table if you pander only to the localized market? Ask some tough questions of your realtor. Inquire about their marketing strategy including how and where said net will be thrown, do your research and select your representation accordingly.

Some realtors would have you believe they have the market cornered. However, are they actually promoting your home, or themselves? A transaction-focused agent needs to sell your home as rapidly as possible, grab that commission cheque and move onto the next deal …. so long and thanks for all the fish. A client-centric realtor, on the other hand, partners with YOU. They will represent your best interests and promote the heck out of your home to as many people as logistically possible. They will return your calls, texts, and emails promptly, they will discuss stats and offer solutions. They will relentlessly advertise your property through modern platforms and are as invested in your success as you are yourself. The keyword here is partnership, and although these service focussed realtors may not have oodles of super shiny listings on their website, you can bet that they give 110% for your personal real estate objectives. Be wary of the razzle-dazzle display of chest-beating, posturing and ego, run away from the “I’m Number 1” realtors with the asterisks following their claims. Instead, request evidence and advice, follow your potential realtor on social media sites, and do your own research. I know who I’d rather align with.

Real estate is an ever-evolving field, an inexact science of sorts with big money at stake and repercussions that can affect a lifetime. TrilliumWest is a local leader in savvy, intelligent and professional marketing. The net we cast is targeted to the profile of the buyer, we mitigate the randomness and fine-tune the results. We collaborate as a huge team to sell your message and promote your home in the very best of lights with professional photos, slick videos and drone footage. With an eye fine-tuned to the minutiae, you can be certain the toilet seat will always be in the down position and you can guarantee smart representation.

And the result of all this is that buyers, even those who are unaware they are searching, will see, share and spread the love that is your home. Whether local or from far away you can rest assured that together we have reached the largest target audience, and given you the very best opportunity to sell for the most money. Now that’s some pretty powerful marketing right there; modern, smart, effective and completely invested in you. Exactly as it should be.


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