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The Parallels and Perils of Dating and House Hunting During a Pandemic

In two worlds where marketing, sizzle, and pretty pictures are in abundance, trusting what we see, and having the ability to read between the lines are hugely important.

Covid-19 has positively influenced how properties are marketed. And honestly, the same should apply to dating sites. Let’s just be transparent and upfront, honest, and genuine.

As a ‘mostly-mature’ woman who hasn’t dated in, ohhh, let’s say 30 years, the rules and terms of engagement have altered significantly. And so it was with an extraordinary amount of trepidation, together with a smattering of excitement and anxiety, that I posted my bio to a dating site, with thoughts of Prince Charming and Unicorns to accompany my rather large glass of wine.

Being a Realtor, I’m pretty good at spotting hidden defects, expensive mistakes, and faulty plumbing. The similarities between the marketing found on both dating and real estate sites are apparent and well established….. and have the potential to be more than a bit fake. There really should be a disclaimer to the effect that ‘things may not appear exactly as described’.

Upon reflection, and based upon my own experiences, I have found some interesting parallels between these two worlds that might be fun to explore further, so here goes….

The Dad-Bod House:

This is the one that has great bones, charm in all the right places and has been a bit neglected over the years. The finishes are worn, the appliances are out-dated, but you can see the potential a little love and care could infuse. All this would need to become a serious contender is a slight overhaul, some elbow grease, and an infusion of mad positivity.

The Hidden Defects House:

You know the one…. shiny, slick, and freshly renovated with amazing pics and modern finishes. You pore over the pics, get overly excited, book a viewing and walk through that door with high expectations of this being IT. The reality sorely disappoints when you find the floors are poorly installed, the tile work is less than stellar and the finishes aren’t really finished at all. All glamour and no substance, that’s a big ‘Beware’ sticker right there, no matter how photogenic.

The Bidding War House:

This one definitely appeals on many levels to many different parties, and being priced below market norms you just know there will be some fierce competition. Real Estate science flies out of the window on this one, and you’ll need to consider whether you have the necessary game to be a candidate. Do you put yourself out there with your absolute best action plan, only to be rejected? Or do you let that one go and settle for a sensible and calculated approach with a more staid contender?

The Rehab House:

We’ve all seen this one….. tired, dated, more than a tad jaded, and a whole lot to take on. Maybe this one is located exactly where you want to be and you can dream about what it could become… but are you really willing to apply all the spit and polish required to turn that sucker around? Is the end game on this one proportionate to the energy infusion, or will you walk away emotionally and financially drained after your best efforts? That’s a tough one to take on, no matter how appealing the potential.

The Sugar-Daddy House:

This one has solid income potential with a secondary suite and promises of cash flow and ensuing good times. What you may have failed to consider is the amount of time that is actually available once all the requisite work is done, and before exhaustion sets in. This one might look great on paper but the reality is far different. If you’re seeking wealth, this may well be a serious contender, just be sure to check your numbers twice here, honey.

The Polite House:

You know this one, well mannered, chivalrous, interesting, and a great host. A solid conversationalist with a willingness to share ideas and experiences. This is a house that flows well, hints at academia with a well-stocked library, and where the layout speaks to you in full sentences. Thought-provoking and safe, with expected accoutrements in expected places. Possibly on the dull side…. yet definitely worth a closer inspection.

The Show Stopper House:

Yeah, this one checks all your boxes, all the glitz, glam, and charm with substance to spare. The gentleman of homes, and the one you simply cannot turn away from. You book the walk-through, open that handsome door, and fall head over heels. Those are some serious unicorns right there. You may well have found ‘the one’, but remember to tread carefully here as you know, all too well, that not everything is as it seems through those sweet rose-coloured glasses.

So, to wrap things up, it’s super important to pay close attention and work through your due diligence, whether house hunting or otherwise. Check out all the angles, view the videos, ask the important questions, and if you are still intrigued go ahead and book that first viewing..… You just never know where it all might lead.

As for me? I’m sticking to real estate darling, and if something happens to catch my eye along the way…. well, that might just be a conversation for another time.


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