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Personal journeys and stories have always fascinated me; we each have so much wealth in our histories and such treasures to guide our future steps. How do we end up where we are, why do we live where we live, what compels us to chose a slick new-build or a heartbreakingly gorgeous heritage home. So many moving parts create the whole, and life experiences pave the path towards our present day spectrum of memories and adventures.

I was born in Yorkshire and took a piece from that place when we emigrated, at a time when interest rates were in the low 20’s and e-mail was not yet a communication tool. My early Canadian life was a smorgasboard of new things and places, of accents and new words and people, of building my place here and wondering why milk came in plastic bags. I learned to adapt, to be flexible, to push forwards, to embrace change, to listen and to observe.

A degree in Biosci satisfied my innate nerd and translated into employment within the pharmaceutical industry before babies heralded my Act 2. This was a magical period during which I learned to decorate on a dime and focus a keen eye towards repurposing and salvage. My love of architecture, design, renovation and aesthetics has been honed over the years and I believe that our homes should quietly reflect our passions and parallel our memories.

To me a home embodies a safe-haven, a nest of sorts in which to shelter our loved ones and to have the freedom to express ourselves, a refuge for heart and soul, a place for family, for celebrating for sharing and for pyjama days.


Authenticity, honesty and mutual respect. These I promise to deliver with every meeting and each transaction. You deserve a realtor who will go the extra mile for you, who will listen attentively, support and guide you, provide advice and knowledge, respond promptly and value your time. Client service is not only my strength, but it’s also my passion. Your complete satisfaction is my badge of honour.


Community Girl

• The growing villages of Elora and Fergus have been my home for many years. Initially lured by the natural beauty of the area, I stayed when my life turned upside down, believing in the power of continuity and the threads of community. I’m proud to call this place my haven and the people my family. From cobweb-busting hikes through the Gorge, lazy snacks of ice cream on Mill Street, morning coffee by the river, eclectic movies at the cinema, and wine on the patio with friends, this is a place where you can find your tribe. Let me show you around, you’ll fall in love too.


• You need to hear the good, the bad and the amazing as it pertains to your situation. Real estate is a huge transaction and one with so many variables to consider. I’ll guide you with honesty and integrity so that you can make the best decision for you. A decision ultimately made with confidence and full disclosure.


Eye for details

• I possess a keen eye for details and layout, colours, texture and flow. I can help you maximize the demand for your property with creative strategies and a little elbow grease. Let’s work together to make your home shine in the very best of lights.

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